Northants Green Party demands support for cyclists and pedestrians.

13 May 2020

The Government has instructed Councils to prioritise pedestrians and cyclists as part of its plans to come out of lockdown. Northants Green Party calls on Northants County Council and Northampton Borough Council to grasp this opportunity and to support active travel.

Greens are Go for General Election

15 October 2019

Northamptonshire Green Party is ready to fight a snap General Election and have selected candidates for all 7 constituencies in the County.

Green Party welcomes NCC Climate Emergency Declaration

20 June 2019

Northants Green Party welcomes decision by Northamptonshire County Council to declare a Climate Emergency.

Northants Green Party launches Plastic Bag Exchange

11 June 2019

Northants Green Party is offering a bag swap - exchange a plastic bag for a Green Party reusable tote bag.

Green Party Logo

Green Party confident of European election success

09 May 2019

Say Yes to Europe, and say No to Climate Change. Vote Green on 23rd May.

Green Candidate Standing

11 November 2018

Denise Donaldson has been selected by the Green Party, to be our candidate at the forthcoming Northampton by-election in Delepre, Briar Hill and Far Cotton.

Northamptonshire's Councils' Homework Fails To Impress

23 August 2018

In March the Government asked Northamptonshire's County, Borough and District councils to solve the problem of providing properly funded and efficient public services. The Northamptonshire Green Party has seen their report and is not impressed. Here is what they say.

Parliamentary Candidates Selected

13 March 2018

Northamptonshire Green Party has selected its candidates to stand in the next general election.

Library Closures - Do they breach statutory requirements?

01 March 2018

Northamptonshire Green Party support CILIP's call for a Government Inquiry into County Council Library closures.

Change Needed in Northamptonshire

07 February 2018

The current situation at Angel Square is that Northamptonshire County Council has run out of money; whilst it may seem without precedent, it also feels somehow inevitable.

Green to Stand in Higham Ferrers

21 January 2018

We are proud to announce that Simon Turner, a local party activist and community volunteer, will stand for the Green Party in the upcoming county and district by-elections in Higham Ferrers.

Action Day

03 December 2017

Amber Valley Green Party will be hosting a series of action days where Greens from across the East Midands region will be able to lend a hand with activities such as delivering news letters, conducting surveys, and talking to residents.

Greens call on Council to object to the Buckton Fields

20 November 2017

Kingsthorpe has an air quality problem. The planning application for Buckton Fields fails to engage with the impact this will have on air quality, and Northampton Borough Council should object to the planning application on these grounds.

Air Quality - NBC moves to adopt Green Party recommendations

06 September 2017

Green Party welcomes NBC's belated recognition of legal air quality obligations.

Green Nene Valley By-Election Candidate Announced

01 September 2017

We are proud to announce our recent Parliamentary Candidate for South Northants, Denise Donaldson will stand for the Green Party in the upcoming Nene Valley By-Election.

Green Pressure On Air Quality Pays Off

07 August 2017

The Green Party welcomes the overdue decision by Northampton Borough Council to declare new Air Quality Management Areas around the North Gate Bus Station, but would like the Council to explain why this has taken so long.

Air Quality campaign in NeneQuirer magazine

01 August 2017

The Green Party Air Quality campaign is featured in the current issue of The NeneQuirer magazine.

Northampton's Dirty Air Needs Emergency Attention

21 June 2017

Northampton Borough Council’s Low Emissions Strategy is due to be presented to Cabinet on 21st June. The Northamptonshire Green Party has contributed to the Scrutiny Review and encourages Cabinet to accept the recommendations of the Committee and to establish timescales for developing those actions.

Daventry Parliamentary Candidate Stands Aside

05 May 2017

Daventry Green Party Parliamentary candidate Steve Whiffen has decided not to stand in the upcoming General Election. Steve has been an active member of the party for many years and stood for the Daventry seat in the 2015 General Election. Unfortunately he has decided not to stand for personal reasons.

Greens Call For Emergency Intervention into Air Pollution Crisis

03 May 2017

Jonathan Bartley, Green Party co-leader spoke at an assembly at a London school on May 3rd and called on the Government to clean up the UK’s filthy air, which is linked to 40,000 early deaths every year.


29 April 2017

To ensure a strong Green option for the people of Northamptonshire in the upcoming elections we are selecting candidates for the 7 constituencies in the county. With such short notice, we need funds as quickly as possible to able to compete at the ballot box.

Northants Green Party Tackles Air Pollution On BBC Northampton

09 March 2017

Secretary, Steve Miller appeared on BBC Northampton on 7th March to discuss ways to reduce air pollution in Northampton Town Centre. Our own NOx emission tests have proven that Air Pollution in Northampton Town Centre is too high. Very little had been done about this. The Council's low emission strategy has been short on content so we feel this issue should be given more importance in the Council's priorities.

Car Tax Changes Hit Low Emission Car Drivers

14 February 2017

Changes to Vehicle Excise duties remove incentive to buy smaller, cleaner cars and benefit drivers of gas guzzlers

Wellingborough Community Vision

29 January 2017

To create a community alliance involving party and non-party political groups and people with the intention of standing candidates who offer a community led alternative to the present Northamptonshire County Council administration’s approach.

Northamptonshire STP: Slash Then Privatise?

13 December 2016

Northamptonshire Green Party are concerned that Sustainability & Transformation Plan is a 5 year plan to cut services and demand greater clarity with comprehensive consultation.

Northampton Air Pollution Update

08 November 2016

Our £7 million North Gate Bus Station has produced air pollution readings consistently above legal limits.

Kettering Greens React to Councillor Resignation

06 October 2016

Rob Reeves & Kirsty Berry have written to the Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph to express their hopes for local government to look past party differences in the wake of Tory councillor Michael Brown's resignation from Kettering Council

Air Quality Campaign - IMPORTANT UPDATE

29 September 2016

The Northants Green Party want to hold Northampton Borough Council to account over illegally high Nitrogen Dioxide levels in the town. Our own readings taken over recent months are confirming this and we ask the council what are they going to do to tackle this pressing public health issue.

Campaigning for Air Quality

13 July 2016

Northants Green Party starts measuring Air Quality across town to better inform communities.

Low Emissions Strategy

12 June 2016

Green Party encourages wide public consultation of Low Emissions Strategy

Kettering Green Supports 'In' Campaign

21 February 2016

Yesterday Northants Green Party member, Holly Shane Griffiths, joined forces with the Lib Dems and Labour in Kettering to campaign to stay in the EU.

Lead Candidate for Euro Elections Announced

12 February 2016

The East Midlands Green Party has elected Kat Boettge as their lead candidate for the European Parliament elections in 2019.

General Election Results 2015

10 May 2015

General Election Results 2015 in Northamptonshire

Academies Failing Children Say Greens

04 May 2015

The Green Party rejects the policy of letting the market run education. It was a policy started by Labour and then taken up with enthusiasm by the Tory and LibDem Coalition Government.

Greens Appeal to Voters Not to Ignore Nature

03 May 2015

With crucial talks on Climate Change scheduled for the end of the year in Paris, the Green Party are asking voters to send a strong message to politicians to take those talks seriously and to commit to taking real action.

Labour Candidate Loses Backing of Party

01 May 2015

Wellingborough Labour Parliamentary Candidate loses backing of his party, comment by Marion Turner-Hawes, Green Party Candidate

'Vote for what you believe in'

29 April 2015

The Green Party, the fastest-growing political party in England and Wales, has released ‘Vote for what you believe in’, its second campaign video.

Jonathan Speaks Out Against Gasification

18 April 2015

"Corby residents are really angry at what they see as plans to turn the town into a dumping ground. The developers, Drenl, may claim that gasification is not incineration, but I say Gasification is "incineration in disguise" because the technology is still dangerous to air quality and public health."

Protest Against Corby Incinerator

11 April 2015

We need to show Northamptonshire County Council and the developers we do not want their rubbish and pollution. Please feel free to come along and support us

Local Candidate Wins People with Learning Disability's Vote

07 April 2015

One vote the Green Party did win on Thursday (2nd April) was the Learning Disability Alliance's (LDa) Citizens Jury

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