Greens are Go for General Election

15 October 2019

Northamptonshire Green Party is ready to fight a snap General Election and have selected candidates for all 7 constituencies in the County.

The climate emergency can no longer be ignored, and the Green Party with their long history of environmental campaigning feel they are best placed to take climate action.

NGP have re-selected 2 of their 2017 candidates.

NHS Nurse and local campaigner Denise Donaldson will once again be up against Business Secretary and recent Conservative leadership candidate, Andrea Leadsom where she will relish going up against a high ranking cabinet minister. “I would speak the truth, and work to bring those truths to the public, especially concerning pressures on the NHS and damaging rail freight interchanges planned for South Northamptonshire.”

NGP have also re-selected Northampton General Hospital maternity doctor Scott Mabbutt as their candidate for Northampton South. He will be trying to unseat Conservative incumbent, ex-Derbyshire County Council leader and ERG member, Andrew Lewer. Scott says “Caring for people in the town gives me a realistic, frontline view of the issues facing them. A perspective you can’t get from focus groups or briefings.”

5 new candidates have been selected for the rest of the county.

Going for experience in Wellingborough, NGP have selected seasoned community activist and 2015 Parliamentary Candidate, Marion Turner-Hawes. Marion is currently spearheading crime and community action group, Castle Fields Streetwatch. Her efforts to tidy up Wellingborough have gained national recognition, having recently been nominated for volunteer policing award, The Lord Ferrers Award.

A former Chief Officer in a Disabled person led business and experienced trainer helping disabled people, Marion says, “I am determined to offer a real opportunity to the people of Wellingborough, Rushden and surrounding areas to reverse years of austerity and help us take the lead in creating truly sustainable and thriving communities, as a positive response to the Brexit and Climate chaos we are facing”.

For Kettering, NGP have selected 2017 Daventry PPC, Jamie Wildman. Working in conservation to help re-introduce the Chequered Skipper butterfly to Rockingham Forest, Jamie is a true environmentalist, working with Keep Kettering Tidy more recently with XR Kettering. “As a Green MP I would push for the improvement of bus networks to improve mobility of elderly and disabled constituents and offer green alternatives to private transport in order to reduce congestion and improve air quality”.

In Northampton North, up against Solicitor General and ex-libraries minister, Michael Ellis, NGP have selected ex-Green Town Councillor and education publisher Katherine Pate. With a teaching background, Katherine has experience of Government education policy affecting local children. She also has held office as a town councillor in Stroud, one of the Greenest councils in England.

In Daventry, NGP have selected sustainability campaigner and medical writer, Clare Slater. Hoping to take her local campaigning to the national stage, she says “I am passionate about raising awareness of the climate crisis and would work tirelessly to help my constituents to be able to make green lifestyle options.”

James Crowder rounds off the candidates having been selected for Corby and this ensures once again that everyone in Northamptonshire has the chance to vote Green. 

With a strong showing in the Local and European Elections bringing 7 Green MEPs and over 300 local councillors, the Green are ready, with over 50,000 members to top off the year with a strong showing in a General Election, and bring environmental concerns to the forefront of politics. 


Scott Mabbutt – Press Officer Northants Green Party
Twitter: @northantsgreens
Tel: 07564720722
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