Green Party calls for "Relief Road" to be cancelled

25 June 2019

Northamptonshire County Council yesterday published it's planning application for the so-called "North West Relief Road" - so called because it is to relieve traffic congestion to the North of Northampton.

However, because the Council doesn't have funding to build a complete road, it is going to terminate at the edge of Kingsthorpe, dumping loads of diverted traffic on one of the busiest arterial routes into the town.

As well as being one of the busiest arterial routes into town, the A508, a couple of miles South is also one of the most polluted parts of the town, part of an existing Air Quality Management Area, and the area in town that is currently showing the worst change year-on-year.

As part of the application for this new road, the traffic analysis forecasts large increases in traffic around the junctions to the North of Kingsthorpe, with some of the delays predicted to increase tenfold at peak times.

The plans also include a couple of new roundabouts that will be over peak capacity in 2021 when the road is completed, with corresponding congestion. The traffic analysis says that this congestion is acceptable because it will stop too much traffic trying to use these roundabouts to get onto the new road.

If ever there was an admission of failure, it's building a road and hoping that congestion will stop people using it.

Northamptonshire County Council last week declared a Climate Emergency.

This road will massively increase the traffic around the town centre and the congestion around Kingsthorpe, with a corresponding reduction in Air Quality.

It's not fit for purpose and the Northamptonshire Green Party today calls for the scrapping of the North-West Relief Road and the misery it will inflict upon the residents of Kingsthorpe.

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