Green Party confident of European election success

9 May 2019

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Following on from gains in the Local Council elections last week, the Green Party this week launched it's campaign for the elections to the European Parliament on May 23rd. The Green Party has been a strong member of the Greens grouping in the European Parliament with our three MEPs helping to push forward with regulations that protect the environment and workers rights. This election is an opportunity to recognise those efforts and that we need to continue to work together across Europe if we are going to seriously tackle the climate catastrophe. 

A vote for the Green Party on May 23rd is a vote to : 

Remain in the EU - Caroline Lucas has been the most prominent voice in the People’s Vote movement since the referendum in 2016. We celebrate and defend freedom of movement and the rights of EU citizens in the UK.

Take bold climate action - The movement for climate justice has never been stronger across Europe. We are facing a climate emergency and Green MEPs will take the action needed to solve it.

Change politics for good - Our political system is broken. It has failed to fix the inequality and insecurity that fuelled the Brexit vote. We must listen to the reasons people voted to leave, and heal divisions.

Voters in Northamptonshire will have the opportunity to vote for MEPs to represent us in the East Midlands Region. Full details of the Green Party candidates for this region can be found on the East Midlands Green Party website. 

Say yes to Europe. Say no to climate change. Vote Green!

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