Northants Green Party ready to gain seats in Council Elections

7 May 2019

The local Council elections of May 2nd saw the Green Party register record gains across the country. With 194 gains, the Green Party now has 362 councillors on Principal Authorities and has representatives on 50 new Councils.

This includes 10 new councillors across the East Midlands, from Charnwood to High Peak, from Amber Valley to Rutland.  However, voters in Northamptonshire did not have the opportunity to elect any Green Party councillors this year as elections across the County continue to be delayed whilst the local government reorganisation trundles on.

Steve Miller, Parliamentary Candidate for Northampton North, said “It’s fantastic news that voters have had the opportunity to cast a strong vote for a party that is united, that stands up for local communities and that recognises that the Climate Challenge is the most important issue facing us as a planet right now, and one that needs to be appreciated by politicians at all levels of government.”

“It’s a shame that voters in Northants didn’t get the opportunity. We have seven MPs who didn’t attend the Climate Change debate in March, and who complacently tell us that the British Government is already doing enough to reduce the effects of Climate Change. We’ve got local politicians who are slapping themselves on the back because they’re not losing money quite as quickly as they previously thought they were, and we speak to voters across the County who are desperate for an opportunity to change direction, but are denied it because of a Government and an Opposition that are still arguing over Brexit.”

“We’re confident that we would have seen Green councillors elected in Northamptonshire elections last week. Our message to the voters in Northamptonshire is that they have a choice, that it’s okay to reject the politics of cynicism and embrace the politics of hope. Join the Green Party today and help us to spread the message across the County in time for the Unitary elections. Whether those elections come in 2020, or in 2021, we’ll be ready.”

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