Green Candidate Standing Up For Local People

11 November 2018

Denise DonaldsonWe are pround to announce that Denise Donaldson has been selected by the Green Party, to be our candidate at the forthcoming Northampton by-election in Delepre, Briar Hill and Far Cotton.  Denise has years of experience campaigning on behalf of local people and for the Green Party, including standing as our parliamentary candidate last year.

Denise said, “I am a full time working nurse and mother of two living in Northampton.  I know all about how cuts to local services in Delapre, Far Cotton and Briar Hill are having a devastating effect on people’s health and their lives.  I understand how frustrated local voters are at the merry-go-round of local politics where elected councillors change parties to suit themselves, not the community!

Vote GreenI want to work with local people to clean up our local environment, take action to ensure clean air, reduce fly tipping, challenge new houses in multiple occupation, support local businesses, and make sure your voice is heard and not ignored by the party machines.  I would treasure your vote,”

This Northampton Borough Council By-Election takes place on Thursday 29th November, and we believe that the only way to get real change is to vote Green to change everything.  Vote Denise Donaldson because Delapre, Briar Hill and Far Cotton deserves so much more – Vote Green on Thursday 29th November.

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