Northamptonshire's Councils' Homework Fails To Impress

23 August 2018

In March the Government asked Northamptonshire's County, Borough and District councils to solve the problem of providing properly funded and efficient public services. The Northamptonshire Green Party has seen their report and is not impressed.  

The Northamptonshire councils have handed in their homework and it is now out for marking. Before its formal submission the internal assessors across the county have a chance to review it and add their comments. On first inspection it’s a fail. No marks for correctly spelling their names and marks deducted for plagiarism. In fact, double marks deducted for no attempt at putting the work of others into their own words. 

Admittedly the highly paid leadership teams of eight Northamptonshire councils were set a task that has stumped many others. Put simply, they had to make a plan to create a local economy that would provide enough income to fund the county’s public services. 

Faced with the precedent of national public service financial failure it is inevitable that the best brains would be bought in. Top tier consultants like KPMG and Deloitte had already prepared the ingredients and PriceWaterhouseCooper did the final bake off. For their homework all the councils had to do, or so they thought, was to lift the bits from the consultants’ reports that they thought would best satisfy the external examiner. Big mistake. The external examiner isn’t who they think he is. The external examiners are the people of Northamptonshire. 

When international manufacturers take up competitive motor racing they come to Northamptonshire for their cars and engines. When the fashion industry wants top quality footwear it comes to Northamptonshire. The list goes on but the point is made.  

Northamptonshire has the world-class talent and skills to do what others cannot. Did the councils draw on this most obvious of resources for their plan? Evidently not.   

Jonathan Hornett, the Green Party’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Wellingborough said “In the coming weeks, a parade of nodding heads will meekly sign off this submission and politics rather than common sense will fill this vacuum of lost opportunity. The people of Northamptonshire deserve much better.”


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