Scott Mabbutt to stand for Green Party in St George By-Election

23 June 2018

Northants Green Party have selected Scott Mabbutt, their Parliamentary Candidate for Northampton South as the Green Party candidate for the upcoming Northamptonshire County Council by-election in St George ward on July 19th.


Scott has lived in Northampton for most of his life and grew up in this area, where his son still attends school. He has been campaigning across Northampton for the past two years and has spent time this past month speaking to the residents of St George about their issues.

He says “As we said in 2017, the County Council is in a financial black hole, and the continuing crisis around it shows that its time for a change. Although the Council may only continue for exist in this form for the next two years, it’s vital for residents that we have strong independent voices on the Council to speak on their behalf.”

“Residents of Links View have told me how the removal of bus subsidies led to Country Lion withdrawing their only bus route into town. Residents of Semilong have told me how the number of Houses in Multiple Occupation have led to parking issues and worries about community cohesion.”

The Northampton Green Party raised issues about the air quality on Barrack Road and helped convince the Borough Council to include this route as a designated Air Quality Management Area, which should happen before the end of 2018.

Scott said “As Councillor for St George, I would promise to stick up for local residents and ensure their voice is heard. It’s time for a fresh voice in Northamptonshire Local Government, and I believe the only true opportunity for change is to vote Green.

The election will take place on 19th July. Please contact Scott via this website if you have any questions.

#VoteGreen2018 for a real voice in the community.


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