Green Party calls on Northampton Borough Council to confirm its objection to the Buckton Fields Planning Application.

20 November 2017

Buckton FieldsKingsthorpe has an air quality problem. The planning application for Buckton Fields fails to engage with the impact this will have on air quality, and Northampton Borough Council should object to the planning application on these grounds.

Back in 2011, Northampton Borough Council objected, in principle to the development. One of the reasons presented to Daventry District Council was:

'The developer is required to produce with a more definitive way of mitigating impact upon Harborough Road Air Quality Management Area.'

As things stand, the developer has still failed to produce a more definitive way of mitigating the impact on air quality in Kingsthorpe. The Environmental Impact Assessment still contains out of date air quality and traffic data, and the development relies on vague promises of a bypass and a 'Park & Ride' Scheme in mitigation.

In a landmark decision last week in Kent, the Appeals Court confirmed a decision to reject a Planning Application on the grounds that it did not mitigate effectively for its impact on air quality. In our opinion, this decision sets a clear precedent for the planning application at Buckton Fields. We will be continuing to lobby Daventry District Council to reject the application on these grounds and would respectfully ask Northampton Borough Council to continue with its position of 2011 and object to the application again.


Contacts available for further comment : 

Steve Miller, or 07598 735524

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