Air Quality - NBC moves to adopt Green Party recommendations

6 September 2017

In November and December last year, Steve Miller spoke to Northampton Borough Council, and asked them to create an Air Quality Management Area around Northgate Bus Station in light of the illegal levels of air pollution since the bus station was opened. The Borough Council responded that there was no requirement to do so as the area was not residential. Next week, the Cabinet of Northampton Borough Council will consider a report which recommends Air Quality monitoring in this area, and notes that “Taking no action would place the Council in breach of its legal duty under the Environment Act”

The Green Party broadly welcomes the recommendations of this report to Cabinet, but again asks why it took the Council so long to conclude that it had a legal requirement to act.

Steve Miller said “It’s good to see that the Council appears to be taking heed of this issue. Key recommendations from Scrutiny were the adoption of a town centre AQMA, and consideration of a voluntary Clean Air Zone, and we are glad to see that these will hopefully be endorsed by Cabinet. Further, we note that the Council intends to widen its Air Quality monitoring and ensure that schools are monitored. This is an important move that we welcome.

“As always though, actions speak much louder than words. It is now a year since the consultation period for the Draft Strategy was completed, and the Final Strategy has not yet been presented to Cabinet. We look forward to the imminent adoption of the strategy and the formation of the Working Group to push it forward. We’re hopeful that the future for Northampton is cleaner, and if we can continue to help in any way, we will be glad to do so.”

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