Green Party asks councils to consider all road users when planning new transport infrastructure to link road North of Kingsthorpe

13 July 2017


The Northamptonshire Green Party notes that Northampton Borough Council passed a motion on Monday evening expressing support for new roads to the north of the town, and requiring that all new developments should be focussed in the vicinity of these new roads, to ensure it can be built more quickly.


The arguments in favour of the new roads have so far focussed on how they will help to relieve traffic congestion, particularly along the Kingsthorpe corridor. The Northamptonshire Green Party would like to remind both Northampton Borough Council and Northamptonshire County Council that roads are not just used by motorists, and recommend the following points are taken into consideration when planning these new roads.


- All new roads should include separate provision for cycle lanes and for pedestrian footpaths.

- Trees should be planted for the length of any new road, to help absorb vehicle emissions, and to provide more of a barrier between cars and other road users.

- There should be frequent laybys on any new road to ensure that orbital bus routes are practical.


In addition, work should be done to enhance the journey from Kingsthorpe to Northampton along the existing roads. This should include a cycle lane along the length of this journey, and consideration as to how bus routes can be improved.


Steve Miller, for the Northamptonshire Green Party, said “Successive administrations in Northampton have focussed on the experience of the motorist, often to the detriment of other road users. It’s critical that any new roadbuilding around the town takes time to consider the requirements of those other road users and takes steps to ensure that cycling and walking alongside Northampton’s main roads is prioritised as part of any new developments.”


Contacts available for further comment : Steve Miller, or 07598 735524

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