Green Party calls for Low Emissions Strategy to become the catalyst for town centre transformation.

21 June 2017

The Scrutiny Committee has strongly recommended that the Town Centre Air Quality Management Areas be joined together into a single Air Quality Management Area. Steve Miller, the secretary of Northamptonshire Green Party said “It’s good to see this recommendation from the committee. NBC said they want to adopt a holistic approach to the air pollution issue across the town centre, and this will help them to do this.”

The Northamptonshire Green Party also strongly recommends that the adoption of the Low Emissions Strategy should be the starting point for tackling air pollution. “It’s hugely important that the Council starts to take forwards recommendations in the Low Emissions Strategy,” said Steve Miller. “They have accepted that they need to provide more electric vehicle charging points, and should be applauded for taking steps to rectify this. They need to start taking forward the other recommendations of both the Strategy and the Scrutiny Review. This is an opportunity for Northampton to set an example of good governance, and I hope that the Borough Council is up to the challenge.”


The Northamptonshire Green Party is continuing to measure air quality across both Northampton and Wellingborough. Further information is available at They will also be running public awareness events next week in conjunction with Friends of the Earth as part of the Clean Air Everywhere Week.


Contacts available for further comment : Steve Miller, or 07598 735524 Tony Clarke, 07971 040166

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