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29 April 2017

Our local candidates!

In 2015 Northants Green Party stood candidates in all 7 constituencies in Northamptonshire and gained over 12000 votes. We want to do even better this time around and provide an alternative to the tired, petty in-fighting of our rivals.

However democracy isn't free and it costs £500 per candidate to stand. It will therefore cost £3500 to stand across the county. This is before accounting for the costs incurred from campaigning. We don't have wealthy backers who purchase influence and we don't have a dubiously funded battle bus, we are funded by you. 

This is a plea to all our local members and anybody who thinks democracy should be open to everyone and not a select few. 

If you can, please help our campiagn here. You donation will help us:

- Fight for a fairer Northamptonshire

- Fight for clean air to breathe

- Fight cuts to public services 



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