Campaigning for Air Quality

13 July 2016

Northampton Borough Council has finally published its Draft Low Emissions Strategy and is planning to take this out to Public Consultation over the next few months. Dates still to be confirmed...

In the meantime, the air quality in the Air Quality Management Areas is getting no better, and communities in the town have no access to accurate recent data. Earlier this year, the Northants Green Party started a programme to measure the levels of Nitrogen Dioxide pollution in a few of the pinchpoints around town, to help us build up a more accurate and up-to-date idea of the problem. We are continuing with this programme as the Council considers it's strategy, and the first results are now available on an interactive map, which can be found here.

Northants Air Quality Map

As we gather more data, our traffic light system should make it more easy to interpret the data. The Red markers indicate levels of pollution above the legal limits (40 ug/m3), the Orange markers are between 20ug/m3 and 39.99 ug/m3, whilst the Green markers have a level below 20ug/m3. The white markers are still awaiting results. 

We have focussed on a couple of areas so far, but we are looking to measure more widely across the town to inform our response to the Low Emissions Strategy. We'll be reaching out both to communities and individuals to work with us. If you would like further details, please contact Steve Miller


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