Lead Candidate for Euro Elections Announced for East Midlands

12 February 2016

East Midlands Green Party announces lead candidate for the euro elections, Kat Boettge

Kat BoettgeThe East Midlands Green Party has elected Kat Boettge as their lead candidate for the European Parliament elections in 2019. Originally from Germany, Kat has lived in Nottingham for 16 years. She was the East Midlands Green Party lead candidate in the previous 2014 elections.

Kat is a single parent, and is working as a psychotherapist. She has had various positions within the Green Party, including being the previous regional chair, the national Green Party’s spokesperson for social care and a Town Councillor for Kimberley.

The East Midlands Green Party has decided to select their lead candidate early, over three years ahead of the elections, in preparation of the referendum. The EU referendum is likely to happen this year, and the lead candidate will act as the regional Green spokesperson in the in-or-out debate. The Green Party supports the referendum as it gives the people a democratic voice; however, they do support the ‘in’ movement, but will continue to campaign for a reformed EU. Kat argues “we say yes to the referendum, yes to the EU and yes to reform. The EU lacks transparency and democratic representation, which needs changing. TTIP is an example of how the EU invites a corporate focus which benefits large companies, not the people. However, whilst the EU needs reforming, we think that working amongst our neighbours, across borders will help co-operation, peace and unity.

“Our climate, the need for energy and wildlife do not have borders; it makes sense to address these across our borders. Additionally the EU has benefited us greatly; it has helped farmers, protected workers’ rights and it has allowed us all to live in any EU country we wish.”

Kat continues “I fear that the EU referendum debate will be hi-jacked by migration and scare mongering. As an EU immigrant myself, I have found this very troubling and saddening. This country has become my and my daughter’s home, I have studied and worked here. Like the fast majority of immigrants, I have been paying my taxes and contributing as a citizen and as a worker in a caring profession, helping individuals. Statistics have continuously shown the benefits we get here from immigration, and we must not forget the many Brits who enjoy living abroad”

Kat states “I fully appreciate that people are worried; we are living in very difficult times, people are struggling financially whilst the rich get richer; and our planet is being systematically destroyed.” The Green Party stands for social justice and environmental protection, which need to be our focus. She continues “That’s what attracted me to the Green Party. We have sound and do-able policies that would benefit society and the most vulnerable, whilst saving the only planet we have. The EU offers us an important platform to address inequality, to regulate the banking sector and to protect people’s rights, the environment and wildlife.”

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