Academies Failing Children Say Greens

4 May 2015

#FREEEDUCATIONThe Green Party rejects the policy of letting the market run education because academies are failing children. It was a policy started by Labour and then taken up with enthusiasm by the Tory and LibDem Coalition Government.

Jonathan Hornett, the Green Party Parliamentary Candiate for Corby and East Northamptonshire said: “Education is a right and an entitlement and should be free at the point of delivery to people of all ages.  Education benefits the student by developing skills and knowledge, it benefits our society. Education is an investment in our people for the future. Education is an investment in our society.”

The Green Party believes that education should be under democratic control, with a strong input from local communities, students, teachers and parents. This contrasts sharply with the polices of the Labour Party, the Conservatives and the Lib Dems, who have encouraged private and unaccountable interests to take control of whole swathes of our education system. What happens in schools now is very much in the control of distant centres of power, with no connection with local communities.

The Green Party

  • opposes free schools
  • opposes academies
  • opposes selling off school playing fields
  • will restore the right of local authorities to build new schools
  • will bring democratically elected local authorities back into education planning
  • will abolish tuition fees

Jonathan Hornett concluded "The Green Party wants to see an end to the privatisation of education.  Academies and free schools are failing children; there have been no improvements in educational standards in Northamptonshire since many schools have been forced to become academies.  If you want to put a stop to the increasing drive towards all schools being academies and free schools, then vote for The Green Party on Thursday."

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