Greens Appeal to Voters Not to Ignore Nature

3 May 2015

Vote Green Party for NatureWith crucial talks on Climate Change scheduled for the end of the year in Paris, the Green Party are asking voters to send a strong message to politicians to take those talks seriously and to commit to taking real action. 

Greens accuse the other parties of trying to push this issue out of the election debate with Party leader Natalie Bennett saying that she has been the only leader to speak about climate change in three and a half hours of leaders debates.

The Greens coordinator in East Midlands Kat Boettge says that if Governments fail to take action to curb temperature rise now, then we will overshoot the two degrees target maximum rise in global warming and enter what scientists call 'dangerous climate change'.

She says: 'This campaign has been dominated by the economy and that is understandable.  But we can't talk about economic recovery in isolation.  The economy is dependent on the environment for raw materials, water and energy, workers, even the bankers are dependent on it for food.  Our environment is our life-support system and it is struggling to hold together.'

Recent reports underline the Green's concerns.  The Worldwide Fund for Nature 'Living Planet' report in 2013 stated that half of global wildlife had been lost since 1970.  The 'State of Nature' report for the United Kingdom was described by Sir Richard Attenborough as a 'Stark Warning', with a third of all wildlife surveyed in serious decline.

Green say that we have to take note of these reports as well as the work of the climate scientists. Kat Boettge said 'We hear about the need to live within our economic means, but that is also very true for our environmental means.  We can't go on consuming and polluting at the rate we are now.  Economic development has to be sustainable and all this talk about growth is not sustainable. 

'I have a young daughter, I want her to be able to look forward to a healthy future as any parent would, I want her to still be able to enjoy wild life, to breath clean air and to be able to rely on clean water and healthy food. All this is so natural and simple and yet it is all at risk because of the way politicians are ignoring the real threats to our environment.

'Every vote for the Green Party will send a clear message to whoever forms the next Government that people want a serious action to support nature, to reverse climate change and to ensure that we leave a healthy environment for future generations to enjoy.  A sgtrong Green vote will ensure that we have a strong team at the Paris Climate Summit to negotiate serious action.'

The Green Party is fielding a record number of candidates in the Northamptonshire standing in all of the constituencies. Membership of the party has grown rapidly in the last year, with over 70,000 members in the UK, 3,300 in the Region and 430 in Northamptonshire.  They are fielding 255 candidates in the local election across the East Midlands.

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