Jonathan Hornett Speaks Out Against Gasification Plant on Day of March

18 April 2015

Jonathan HornettJonathan Hornett, Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Corby said "Corby residents are really angry at what they see as plans to turn the town into a dumping ground.  The developers, Drenl, may claim that gasification is not incineration, but I say Gasification is "incineration in disguise" because the technology is still dangerous to air quality and public health. For example one facility which operated from 2009-2011 in Ottawa had 29 "emissions incidents" and 13 "spills" over those three years.

“The Green Party has been warning everyone for years about the serious health problems that are associated with air pollution and we have been campaigning nationally against burning waste because thousands of harmful chemicals, including dioxins, that are released into the air. The UK government are facing court action at the moment for high emissions.  Because of this and after being inspired by Lee’s stand at Camp Brookfield, I have joined the committee that is organising the campaign against the Gasification Plant.  I do not want Corby to suffer the pollution that will emanate from this plant.

"Drenl have got the 30 mile limit lifted and now will be able get waste from a 90 minute radius; we are challenging this intangible limit.

"On top of this plant, plans for an enormous waste processing facility next to the gasification plant are to be re-submitted.  If approved it will destroy the Brookfield Plantation, devastate local wildlife, emit tons of pollution and cause gridlock on the roads of Corby.

"Corby is the fastest growing town in Northamptonshire, but how can this be sustained if Corby will not be safe and pleasant place to live in.  Corby residents have suffered birth defects in the past due to pollution. Corby does not want any more pollution.  Corby does not deserve this rubbish.

"We are holding a peaceful demonstration today in Corby (Saturday 18thApril)  The March starts in outside the Saxon Crown in Elizabeth Street at 12:00 and will culminate at the Cube, where speakers, including myself, will highlight the issues.  This is a peaceful protest but we will not let Corby and the surrounding areas become the dumping ground for the rest of the UK.”

The protest route will be:

Start Saxon Crown down to the bottom of Coronation Park, along to the Connaughty Centre then up past the bingo hall to finish at the Cube.  If you feel this is too far for you please feel free to meet us at any point along the way or even meet us at the Cube.

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