Protest In Corby Against The Gassification Plant

11 April 2015

ProtestCorby and the surrounding villages are set to make a stand to prevent the construction of a Gasification Plant on the Gretton Brooke Road Industrial Park and protect our greenland and wildlife. We are taking this action to try and ensure that the air we breathe stays as clean as can be and to prevent ill health and the possibility of birth defects and heart defects in our future generations.

Jonathan Hornett, Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Corby, said:

“Corby residents are really angry at what they see as plans to turn the town into a dumping ground.  We are holding a peaceful demonstration in Corby on Saturday 18thApril.  The March starts in outside the Saxon Crown in Elizabeth Street at 12:00 and will culminate at the Cube, where speakers, including myself, will highlight the issues.”

This is a peaceful protest but we will not let Corby and the surrounding areas become the dumping ground for the rest of the UK.

The protest route will be:

Start Saxon Crown down to the bottom of Coronation park, along to the Connaughty Centre then up past the bingo hall to finish at the Cube, If you feel this is too far for you please feel free to meet us at any point along the way or even meet us at the Cube.

Jonathan Hornett Concluded:

"Join us and sign up on our Facebook event page.  We need to show Northamptonshire County Council and the developers we do not want their rubbish and pollution.  Please feel free to come along and support us”

The Basics of the Campaign

January 2009 NCC approved an application for the Incinerator for Storefiled Plant Corby (How it was approved without public knowledge is still a mystery)

January 2013 Gretton Brook Estates apply to CBC for permission for a huge gasifacation plant to go with the incinerator taking down 120 hectacres of beautiful woodland, Brookfield Woods!!

CARRP Corby Against Resource Recovery Park was set up by the lovely dedicated folk from Gretton to campaign to stop it! and facebook page We oppose the waste plant at brookfield plantation was set up!

A protest was held outside the cube in March of that year!

The decision for Brookfield was to be made in August 2014 but the day before the developers put in new information and the decision was deferred to a further date, a protest was also held outside the cube that day. Facebook page Corby Against Waste Incinerator Plant was set up!

05th December 2014 Corby Borough Council throw out the Brookfield application due to the environmental impact statement not being clear!! Whoop whoop Brookfield was saved and no Incinerator coming to Corby yay, or so we thought!

18th December 2014 application to CBC and NCC from Drenl to extend the catchment area making the Incinerator viable to build!!

January 2015 Corby Borough Council vote against extending the catchment area!!

Online and paper petition set up gaining nearly 2000 signatures all together!

05th Feb petition handed in to NCC!

16th March Lee set's up Camp Brookfield

17th March NCC approve lifting the catchment area on the Drenl site and basically sold Corby down the sewer pipe!

18th March the wonderful people of Corby finally realise what’s going on and start taking action.

18th April – Demonstration to prevent the construction of a Gasification Plant on the Gretton Brooke Road Industrial Park - 12:00 outside the Saxon Crown Public House on Elizabeth Street, Corby.

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