New application for Brookfield waste site in Corby

4 April 2015

The developer behind plans to build a recycling plant on the Brookfield Plantation is drawing up a second planning application for the site.

The blow to environmental campaigners came in a letter sent from Tata Steel to local campaigners Corinna Milligan and Lee Forster.

The original application for the site was thrown out by Corby Council in December because the developer, Gretton Brook Estates, did not provide an adequate environmental report for the energy-from-waste incinerator.

Corinna Milligan and Lee Forster were part of the protest group against the plans for the plantation.

Bernard Curran, the company’s director of human resources, said in a letter that the developer was due to submit a new planning application in the next few weeks.

He added: “Should the application fail and the developer then chooses not to pursue the development further then we will need to review what we want to do with the site, but it is not our intention to retain ownership in the long term. While the developer pursues the application we are unfortunately not in a position to discuss the proposals suggested by Ms Milligan and Mr Forster.” 

Lee Forster started camping in a field off Gretton Brook Road on the 16th March to hold a peacefull protest over separate plans to build a waste gasification plant there.  ‘Camp Brookfield’ as the demonstration has been called has attracted huge support with over 9500 people joining an action group on Facebook and a new campaigning group set up locally.

Jonathan Hornett, Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Corby and East Northants, has joined the committee of the new campaigning group with Mr Forster and Ms Milligan.  He said “I am disgusted that the Conservative, Lib Dem and Labour councillors who run Northamptonshire County Council have decided to use Corby as the county’s dumping ground.  The people of Corby have played their part in reducing the amount of rubbish going to landfill by recycling.  Corby people have had to put up with life changing pollution already and don’t deserve this.  Surely as Corby is the fastest growing town in Northamptonshire, people need to be assured that Corby is going to still be a healthy place to live in.  Building dirty and dangerous incinerators and waste plants is really wrong.  As a committee we are looking at every opportunity to fight these plans.”

Gretton Brook Estates, which also owns the site, served an eviction notice on Lee yesterday.  Although he has now decided to end his protest camp, he has said the fight against the plans will go on.

The site was given the go-ahead to extend its catchment area to anywhere within a 90-minute drive by Northamptonshire County Council after Drenl argued that the previous 30-mile restriction made the plant unviable.

Protest March

BrookfieldJonathan Hornett concluded “Corby residents are really angry at what they see as plans to turn the town into a dumping ground.  We are holding a peaceful demonstration in Corby on Saturday 18th April.  The March starts in outside the Saxon Crown in Elizabeth Street at 12:00 and will culminate at the Cube, where speakers, including myself, will highlight the issues.

"Join us, sign up on our Facebook event page.  We need to show Northamptonshire County Council and the developers we do not want their rubbish and pollution.”

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