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Northants Green Party is one of the fastest growing local Green Parties in the country. We fielded candidates across all seven constituencies in the May 2015 General Election, and have continued to campaign across the County. If you would like to get involved, please read on...




We always welcome volunteers to help with our campaigning work. Could you help deliver our newsletters to your street, or go out with our campaign team and speak to local residents about their concerns?

We are particularly keen to find more volunteers with fundraising experience, press, research and administrative skills. Whatever your level of experience and however much or little time you can give, we would love to hear from you.

One more Labour, Lib Dem or Conservative MP won't make a big difference, but a Green MP could make the world of difference.

For more information, please call 0845 345 7478 or email Steve Miller.


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Get regular news and campaign alerts from the Greens by signing up for our regular e-mail updates from Northants Green Party.  Sign up here. We're committed to keeping your email address safe, and won't pass it on to anyone else.  On social media you can join our Facebook group and follow us on twitter.




If you don't have much spare time at the moment, but would still like to help, why not make a donation? Your donation will help us stand more candidates for more elections, and help the party do more to support the work of our members across the country.


Join the Green Party


As a member, you can be as active as you like - from armchair and online support to standing as a candidate for election.

We usually meet on the first Monday of the month, the venue varies so look out for announcements on social media!

All members and supporters welcome.



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Every new member, every new supporter and every extra vote for the Green Party convinces the political establishment, the media, the professional bodies and the public that Green politics is a voice for Real Progress worth taking seriously. We rely on your support.


How can I support my local Green Party?


By joining as a national member or as a local member

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Helping to raise funds by subscribing to the Phone Co-op, Northants Green Party has joined up with The Phone Co-op, the UK's only telecoms co-operative to offer great deals to our supporters.


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For further details please call 0845 345 7478 or email us.