Rob Reeves - Kettering


Rob Reeves is standing as the Green Party parliamentary candidate in his home town of Kettering for the second time. He has been working for the good of the town and the surrounding area for years, both as an educator, and through his involvement with the local arts scene. For several years he has also been campaigning for local people and supporting charities across the town.

Having seen UKIP withdraw from the upcoming election in Kettering, the Green Party now start in third place, and therefore represent a genuine alternative vote to the traditional two-horse race.

Rob will ght for a proportionally representative political system: one that is inclusive and fairer, giving a voice to everyone.

Rob is an advocate of social justice for all. He will campaign to save the NHS, ensure environmental issues are not forgotten in the face of Brexit, and tackle our educational crisis. 




twitter: @ketteringgreens




Contact Details

Phone - 07738 109680

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Twitter - @robjimreeves