Marion Turner-Hawes - Wellingborough

Marion Turner-Hawes is the Green Party candidate for Wellingborough .

MarionBrought up in Kettering, Marion lives in Wellingborough with her wife.  She is a Director of a cooperative that helps disabled people find housing and start up in business.

Marion believes in people and know we can achieve anything when we pull together, just like Glamis Hall. Our communities are full of people with good hearts and great ideas and I want us to see the many skills and resources we have and put them to good use for the benefit of all.

Marion Glamis HallWe need Government that works for all and an MP that will stand up and lead, inspiring us to take pride in ourselves and our area. Marion will work to bring people and business together to create the lives we dream of.

Things need to change, and they can.  On 7th May vote with your heart and let’s change this together.

Campaign Issues

Marion stands for the common good and is campaigning to:

  • Save our services
  • Better GP access
  • Free Education
  • Railways in public hands
  • More street lighting
  • Better deal for Elders, Disabled and Young

Contact Details

Phone : 01933 381467

Facebook: Vote Marion

Twitter : @marion_turner