Julie Hawkins - Northampton South

Julie Vote GreenJulie Hawkins has been a Green Party member for years.
Member of Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth, and active campaigner on environmental issues and renewable energy.
This is my biography, in the sense of it is what I see every day, and what life is like in 2015.
I work as a family support worker for disadvantaged families, so I see the reality of what the current spurious 'austerity' campaign, is doing to honest hardworking people who are vulnerable or have hit hard times, through no fault of their own.
I am a qualified nurse,Trained in the NHS, and have watched as the government has sold off lucrative parts of the NHS to Tory donors. It might not be illegal, but it strikes me as immoral. While people suffer on longer and longer waiting lists, and,the hardworking NHS staff struggle to care for people on the resources they are given. The monetary system needs a complete Green overhaul, so does the benefits system
There is an epidemic of stress anxiety and depression as people are squeezed harder, and yet we import more luxury cars than ever...
There is a complete lack of social justice.
I'm not a politician, but I am standing for the Green Party as they are the only party with an honest fully costed manifesto and the will to change this.

Julie stands for a fairer society, and making the green option the easiest and cheapest one is part of that.  We think ‘Fair is Worth Fighting For' on many issues including:

Community - Greens campaign to revitalise our communities and want to save public services from cuts.

Education -  Julie would ensure education is free, including school meals.

Environment - Greens will make it easier to recycle and compost household waste and help you reduce your waste.

Transport -  Julie will prioritise schemes for pedestrians, cyclists, bus and rail travel.

Health - Greens want publicly run care that is properly funded, free at the point of use for all.


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