The Green Party in Northamptonshire

Clare Slater - Daventry

I have lived in Northamptonshire since 2009 and moved to Bugbrooke, a village within the Daventry constituency, in August 2017. I currently manage a Northamptonshire sustainable living group on Facebook and contribute regularly to the village newsletter providing advice on how members of the community can choose to live more sustainably. A mother of two young children, I am also working with the local primary school to help foster a greater environmental awareness amongst pupils. I currently work as a medical writer, having initially trained as a pharmacist; during a sabbatical period in Australia I volunteered at Greening Australia, helping to prepare seedlings for planting across South Australia. For as long as I can remember I’ve been concerned about climate change, but in the last few years I’ve become increasingly frustrated by the low profile it has been given by the mainstream political parties in the UK, especially given the urgency with which we must act.

If elected as a Green Party MP I would fight to ensure that that the Government puts appropriate actions in place to combat greenhouse gas emissions, reverse the devastation of our wildlife and to enable communities and individuals to do their bit in tackling climate change. This is especially important given the issues surrounding Brexit; at this time we need to be nurturing our international relationships, not undermining them.

I am passionate about raising awareness of the climate crisis and would work tirelessly to help my constituents to be able to make green lifestyle options.