Scott Mabbutt Northampton South


Scott Mabbutt is your Green Candidate  for Northampton South. A junior doctor who was born in and lives in Northampton with his wife and two young children. A Green Party activist since 2015 he is standing in opposition to cuts to local social and education services as well as the perilous situation of the NHS. 

Scott said, “I have spent my adult life caring for sick people in our County. I feel that my job gives me a unique insight into the problems facing our society and how they have been exacerbated by the current government.”

As a Green MP for Northampton South he pledges to make politics more accessible to the people he wants to reprsent. This will be acheived through regular Village Hall style meetings in order to truly represent the views of the  people of Northampton South.


Twitter: @northantsgreens