Jamie Wildman

Jamie Wildman

Jamie has lived in Northamptonshire and his home constituency of Kettering cumulatively for over 20 years. He holds degrees in English from the University of Westminster and UCL, and stood in the Wicksteed Division of Kettering in the 2017 County Council elections. He is now standing as Parliamentary candidate in Daventry. Jamie is a keen lepidopterist and conservationist who volunteers on nature reserves in the borough with the Wildlife Trust, and is an active Butterfly Conservation member. He is an avid runner, a music fanatic, literary critic, writer, bookworm, cyclist, self-confessed ‘jack of all -ologies’, and owner of a Border Terrier named Broc.

As a Green Party MP, Jamie would oppose HS2 and fracking, and support the renationalisation of our railways. He would fight to safeguard EU environmental legislation in the face of Brexit—given the catastrophic implications deregulation would have on our wildlife—abolish tuition fees, and strive for an end to the austerity measures and privatisation crippling our social services. He would join calls for proportional representation, the decentralisation of government, and the merging of County and Borough Councils into a unitary authority. Jamie would incentivise green transport and renewable energy solutions, demand investment in our public transportation networks, push for the construction of ecological, zero-carbon housing, and seek to tax unoccupied homes. Additionally, he would fight for the protection of green spaces and nature-rich sites, work to close the gender pay gap, and stand up for the rights of LGBTQIA+ people.

Email Jamie: jamie.wildman@greenparty.org.uk



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