Denise Donaldson, active Green Party member since beginning her membership, often seen out on the streets of Northampton litter picking, feeding the homeless or canvassing.  Obtaining her Degree from the University of Northampton she is standing for election as Parliamentary Candidate in South Northamptonshire, where she has lived for over 20 years with her family.   With a keen interest in walking, enjoying our beautiful countryside, having hiked Ben Nevis & walked the full Moon Walk in 2019, while supporting valuable charities.


Denise has worked in Public Service, since 1988, as a Midwife  and now  as a General Nurse Practitioner, and has witnessed many changes in health & social care. She has campaigned for improvements to Health & social services ,  has tried to address match day parking problems at Sixfields,  campaigns against fracking, the 2 planned  Rail Freight interchanges in Northampton, which would massively add to our already illegally high air pollution levels, which affects our respiratory problems, like Asthma and COPD.  As well as HS2, which is damaging homes and ancient woodlands; both which would damage our fragile eco-system.  Denise supports safer streets around our children’s schools.

Denise campaigns for the Councils in Northamptonshire to act on their declared climate emergencies.  Denise would work to restore the NHS, Police, Fire Services & Schools to 2019 levels, not 2010. The seriousness of the ongoing crisis in our NHS is exacerbated through the current route of a No Deal Brexit.   The public are suffering reduced services, problems obtaining medication, increased waiting times, closure of local services. Before the NHS, people suffered & died, as they couldn’t afford healthcare.  Denise is an ardent Peoples Vote activist.

As a Green MP, she would speak the truth, and work to bring those truths to the public. Denise calls for proportional representation and will hold to account those who threaten our society and security  by avoiding paying Tax, to work to end food banks, to eradicate poverty and child hunger, and work to home the homeless.  If poorer people are better off they tend to spend their income locally. Denise champions small businesses and local economy.

 This is our chance to bring change, for the people, through Citizen’s Assemblies to maintain our democracy, for the Common Good of our Country.  After all Green Changes Everything.

VOTE  Denise Donaldson, for South Northamptonshire, she will be your voice in Parliament, to protect our environment, our jobs, our homes, our health, our children, our schools, our society, to improve our transport system.