Local Campaigns


Your local Green Party is constantly supporting local people to resolve local issues and we are particularly active in the following campaigns.


Supporting Wind Power in Northamptonshire


We support wind farm applications in the local area and have a popular Facebook Group spreading the message.  Our options going forward are nuclear or wind power, unless we want to start getting coal from South African or other developing countries and spend all that money on getting it over here, plus the pollution from burning it.  Climate change is the greatest challenge we all face and this is mainly due to the burning of fossil fuels producing CO2 and other green house gasses.  Electricity generation is one of the largest sources of green house gasses, so changing to other ways of generating electricity that don't burn fossil fuels is the way forward to limit future damage to the environment.  Nuclear power is not proven, it costs more and it is a security risk.  In the long term, wind power is the more cost-effective way to produce electricity Kettering already leads the way in the county with the wonderful Burton Wold Wind Farm; it totally backs up the arguments for wind farms, and they have recently approved the New Albion Wind Farm.  Northamptonshire now has the opportunity to cement itself as one of the most environmentally pioneering parts of the country by championing more wind turbine developments, and most local people support this. Unfortunately not every district council in Northamptonshire shares Kettering's forward thinking, and many other applications have been turned down for now - see more at our Facebook Group.


Animal Rights and the Hunting Ban


The Green Party is unique in its deep commitment to the rights of animals. We help to run a group called Northants Veggies that aims to lower meat consumption and reduce animal cruelty.  The assumption that animals exist simply to be used for any human purpose is completely unacceptable and we consider that "a compassionate and respectful relationship to other sentient creatures is essential for human dignity and ultimately our own quality of life." (Darren Johnson, London Mayoral candidate).

The fact that we consider animals as products to be consumed makes the greatest impact on their lives. 850 million animals are killed to be used as food in the UK every year. Factory-farmed animals suffer immensely, pushed well beyond their biological limits, as profits are consistently prioritised over animal welfare. The cellophane-wrapped packages in supermarkets, concealing the grim realities of the life and death of farmed animals, serve to allow consumers to close their eyes to suffering. 

Every year, nearly 3 million animals are killed in British laboratories, as well as an undisclosed number for military research. The pain and distress they suffer may be prolonged, repeated and the majority receive no anaesthesia.

And despite continuing public opposition, foxes, hares, deer and mink are still hunted in England and Wales. These activities are often justified as a form of pest control, yet the truth is that hunting has little effect on populations. Furthermore, if foxes and hares are considered pests, it is difficult to understand why there is evidence that they are protected specifically for the hunt.  If the Conservatives get in, they may reverse the Hunting Ban that we have; the Green Party would ban all hunting with hounds, coursing, shooting and snaring and would strive to promote the wellbeing of all wild creatures.


Women's Issues


We believe in a healthy democratic society is based on voluntary co-operation between empowered individuals, free from discrimination, whether based on race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, religion, social origin, or any other prejudice. The legitimate interests of all people are of equal value, and we accept the need for social institutions to protect the interests of the powerless against the powerful.

In recognition of gender equality we support the empowerment of women in terms of their participation, representation and leadership. We strive towards the transformation of gender relations to a total equality between the genders and a non gender specific society through the elimination of any form of women's subordination, and freedom from all forms of oppression, exploitation and disrespect. We will ensure that women have economic, social and political equality with men.

Northants Green Party challenges the sexual objectification of women which takes place through the normalisation of pornography and the sex industries by many methods including lads' magazines, advertising, lap and pole dancing.  We therefore wholeheartedly support the current campaign to re-licence lap dancing clubs as sex encounter establishments. Throughout Northamptonshire lap dancing or ‘adult entertainment' establishments should have the strictest conditions placed on their licences, including no full nudity, no contact rules, and restrictions on their advertising.

Northants Green Party condemns all forms of domestic violence including physical, sexual, psychological and financial, and recognises the requirement of providing sufficient support services for those women and children who have experienced any form of domestic violence.  We believe better support services should be put in place to support women who have been raped or sexually abused.  Reported rapes are on the increase and yet conviction rates are at an all time low. This needs to be urgently addressed.


Standing Up Against Airport Expansion


Across the UK, from major hubs like Heathrow and Stansted to regional airports like Southampton to tiny airports in Northamptonshire, the businesses that own airports are seeking to add new terminals and build new and extended runways so they can add more flights. Greens everywhere are helping to support local people in objecting to plans and stopping these disastrous new developments.




Education. Greens believe in fully funding a diverse public education system that is free from private finance initiatives, having much smaller class sizes, and scrapping university tuition fees. Schools & nurseries must be available to all within reach of home.


Affordable Homes. The single biggest financial hurdle for many of us in this country is the cost of getting a roof over our heads. Quickly followed by keeping it there. The Green Party will use tough planning rules to make sure developers include truly affordable housing, for rent not just one-off sales, in all new developments.


Public Safety and Community. A just society has to be nurtured as well as safeguarded by the law. Green policies on crime prevention focus on tackling the underlying social conditions that lead to crime. We will campaign to revitalise our communities, reduce urban sprawl onto greenbelt land, reduce pesticide use on farmland and monitor phone mast installations.


Green Energy for all. Solar water heaters will typically save you 40 pounds a year. And the average solar electricity installation can save up to 200 pounds on your annual electricity bill. Never mind the CO2 you'll save which is likely to be well over 1 tonne. That's why we want to give as many people the chance to make their own renewable energy.


Environment. Greens will tackle the serious problem of environmental damage by making it easier to recycle and compost household waste and help you reduce your waste. We will instigate energy saving measures, invest in public transport, and promote renewable energy sources.


Social Care and Support. The Green Party believes we need to bring back the service ethos to our public services and is determined that Northamptonshire should have properly funded, publicly run care, free at the point of use for all. Also NHS resources should be increased for regular health checks and health education.


Leisure and Culture. Our country parks, county heritage sites and leisure centres need promotion and looking after, not threats of closure. Libraries and the arts require more support and funding.


Transport. Our transport systems have been built to solve the wrong problem. Successive governments have tried to deal with the increasing demand for mobility by spending billions of pounds on transport plans that give us more of the same - more roads, wider motorways, more runways. Real progress on transport requires us to tackle the root causes of demand for mobility. Greens will aim to reduce traffic congestion, local pollution and improve road safety by ensuring that investment schemes prioritise pedestrians, cyclists, bus and rail travel.


Safer Streets. More than half the people unlucky enough to be hit by a car doing a seemingly harmless 35mph, die. We happen to think that people on foot and on bicycles have just as much right to feel safe on the streets where they live as car users, so we'll introduce a 20 mph limit in residential urban areas, including villages.


Local Democracy. Being able to act locally on issues that affect you directly is key to Green ideas on democracy. Greens will fight to make Northamptonshire County Council more accountable to local people. Nationally, we will campaign for a fully elected Upper House of Parliament and to resist the introduction of ID cards.


For more information please call 0845 345 7478, tweet or email.